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Summer is over and we are back to the routine

Summer has just ended and already everything has to start over. Waking up, breakfast, packing lunches for everyone, carrying the kids or leaving them at the corner, saying goodbye, leaving for work, work, daycare, preparing dinner, homework, bath or shower, sleep, and then it's back to work. It's easy to get out of breath and out of ideas when it comes to shopping for the week's meals.

Luckily, Gadoua is here to save the day with a list of our best recipes for the "Return of Routine". We can't venture out to fix all the hassles of everyday life, but at least we can inspire you with some good recipes and mellow moments. That's guaranteed!

Apple Cinnamon Turnovers

The name speaks for itself as an inspiration for why it was created. If you think turnovers take hours and hours to make, we have a little trick just to help you find the time to make them. We're sure your kiddos will be motivated if an apple turnover is on their mind. The homework will be all the better for it. For those of you who have been wondering since the beginning of this paragraph, here is the list of ingredients.


For the turnover :

5 slices Gadoua® Moelleux thinly sliced white club sandwich bread

1 small apple

1 tbsp. sugar

1 tbsp. honey

1 tsp. cinnamon + 1 tsp. cinnamon to sprinkle

1 tbsp. butter

1 egg

1 tbsp. water

For the frosting:

1 cup powdered sugar

1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

1 to 2 tbsp. milk

Now that you know our secret, find the recipe here

After Class Baked Cinnamon and Apple Pies

Crispy Chicken and Waffle Sandwich

What's that you see? Is that saliva dripping off the edge of your gaping mouth or is it the flash of your brilliant teeth? Maybe it's both! Decadent brunch lovers will be happy to know that it's possible and even realistic to make a crispy chicken and waffle-style sandwich during the week. All the details of the recipe are here, we'll take the thanks on Instagram directly!

Crispy Chicken and “Waffle” Sandwich

Crispy Fish and Chip Sandwich

Fish burgers aren't usually what you think of for a weeknight meal, yet our recipe has a little something extra that will have you saying "anything is possible after all"! Although you're already reading the recipe, we assure you that it's not the homemade tartar sauce that will make this sandwich a quick household staple. Come on, here's the link (here) to give you the lowdown.

Crispy Fish and Chips Sandwich

Classic Club Sandwich

Okay, the name of this recipe is a little misleading because it's not the classic chicken club recipe, but the classic way to make a club sandwich, period. So, for those who love mayonnaise, crispy bacon, lettuce, and tomato, all sandwiched between two (or three) slices of delicately toasted white bread, you will be served. For the rest of us, it's a good idea to remember that a classic can be reinvented or dressed up in other ways that make it just as delicious.

The (classic) recipe is here

Big Classic Club Sandwich

Brie, Peach, and Basil Melt Sandwich

Warning, this "grilled-cheese" sandwich may downgrade the original recipe for the more discerning audience. While extremely simple to make, it is beyond delicious. The combination of the creaminess of the brie with its flowery crust, the sweetness of the warmed peaches, and the freshness of the taste will wake up the sleepiest of palates and reinvigorate them in less time than it takes to say to the kids, "it's bath time!"

Here are the ingredients if you needed further convincing.


8 slices Gadoua® Thick Sliced Authentic White Bread

4 tbsp butter (room temperature)

8 oz. sliced Brie cheese

2 peaches, thinly sliced

16 fresh basil leaves

4 tbsp. honey

Fresh and Fruity Breakfast Toast

This recipe is great as part of a breakfast, lunch, or dinner when the urge to make a big batch is as strong as the kids' desire to do homework. You might think that the secret to its versatility lies in the fact that it contains only 5 ingredients (bread slices, creamy cashew butter, honey, blueberries, and sunflower seeds) or because it's quick to prepare, but some unscientific research revealed that it's simply because it's as delicious.

Fresh and Fruity Breakfast Toast

Ham & Swiss with an Apricot Twist

As you can see, we love to offer simple, classic recipes with a little twist that will have the whole family asking for more. That's the key to our success. For this recipe, you might think it's just a sandwich, but the hint of apricot will make sure you'll always want to add the Gadoua touch to your sandwich.

Ham & Swiss with an Apricot Twist

Middle Eastern Style BBQ Chicken Skewers in a Bun

This recipe is just as easy to make as it is to eat. If you have kids who are afraid of change or trying new things, the fact that the Middle Eastern-inspired chicken skewer comes in a hot dog-style bun is for you. We also recommend making the marinade on the weekend or if you have the motivation, in the morning with your lunches.

For the recipe, it's here

Middle Eastern BBQ Chicken Kabob Bun

Korean-style sausages on a stick

If you're looking for a change and want to make a big hit with kids and adults alike, but don't want it to take too long, this is the winning recipe. Not only does it take less than 15 minutes to make, but it's as surprising as it is delicious. We even recommend doubling the recipe because it's sure to get you asking for more. To plan your grocery list, here's what to look for:


4 slices Gadoua® Moelleux Thick Sliced White Club Sandwich Bread

4 sausages

4 slices mozzarella or cheddar cheese

1 cup breadcrumbs (more if needed)

2 to 3 cups cooking oil

4 sticks or skewers

Quick Homemade Korean Corn Dogs

Mushroom and goat cheese pizza on a bagel

Who says you have to make your own dough to call a recipe a pizza? Certainly not us! This delicious recipe can be eaten at lunchtime or for a no-fuss dinner party. The goat cheese and mushrooms go very well with the tomato sauce. The basil adds a little more freshness. Want to make it decadent? Add a touch of spicy honey just before serving. The whole family will thank you.

The recipe is here

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